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Advantages of Drunken Fairy Duck Joining
When it comes to poultry delicacies, we believe that the first response is Quanjude's roast duck in hanging oven and stewed in brine. But now there is a new signature dish? You're right! It is the characteristic duck drunk fairy duck! As a new characteristic food, what kind of charm and characteristics will the duck drunk fairy duck have?
Duck drunk fairy duck is made of dozens of Chinese medicines carefully selected, superstitious formula, regular curing, high temperature and high pressure. Its fragrance is delicious, crisp and refreshing. After eating, it has digestion, invigorating spleen, appetizing, strengthening muscles and bones, beauty and beauty, anti-aging effects. It is widely welcomed by consumers, and it is used mainly because of its unique fragrance. It blends better with duck meat.

It is a kind of healthy edible oil recommended by international nutrition academia, referred to as "western olive oil". It is a natural growth, is a kind of oil with monounsaturated fatty acid as the secondary component, contains rich multi-vitamins, can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar in the human body, avoid the occurrence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and other "meager diseases". It also contains a physiological active ingredient, squalene, which has aroma. It has good oxygen-enriching ability, so it has the functions of anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue, improving human immunity and improving gastrointestinal tract. According to the experiments of the National Medical Center of the United States, tea polyphenols and Camellia can reduce cholesterol in human body and maintain the fatigue of human heart and blood.


鸭:《本草》称“仙禽”称之爲百禽之首,并简称“鸭”字由“甲”字和“鸟”字组成,谓之爲甲等之禽鸟,食之能清热戒毒,补肾壮阳,补虚益气,祛风养肺。 “鸭”是自然造合的安康佳肴,色泽橙黄,醇香飘扬,美味悠悠。

Duck: The "Fairy Bird" in "Materia Medica" is called "Fairy Bird", which is the first of hundreds of birds. The word "duck" is composed of "A" and "bird". It is called "A" and "bird". It can clear away heat and detoxify drugs, invigorate kidney and yang, invigorate deficiency and invigorate qi, expel wind and nourish lung. "Duck" is a natural healthy dish with orange color, mellow fragrance and long taste.

To cook duck, it's several layers higher than ordinary oil. And this is the most delicious place for ducks! It smells good and tastes good! The fragrance and the strength of duck meat blend together, which can be called "delicious world"! But the Food Secret Service always felt that the duck seemed to eat more than one kind of fragrance. Is there anything else outside? "Yes! There are more than a dozen fragrances!" The disciple also informed us that the duck had "plentiful production" outside, including anise, cinnamon, cloves, fragrant leaves and so on. Although they are some commonly used materials, but put them together with ducks, it is very delicious!
Duck drunk fairy duck has tender taste, golden color, fragrance in the street, smelling fragrance, eating more fragrant. In addition to these, more importantly, it has a wide market, small investment, high profits, low risk, and provides you with a new and reliable opportunity to start a business!
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