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Prospects of Drunken Fairy Duck Joining
Drunken fairy duck with its unique willingness to seize people's stomach, become the first choice of investors. They all love drunk ducks. Whether it is technology or formula, whether it is taste or nutrition, it breaks the tradition, innovates and advances. Once it comes out, it immediately becomes a contest. It's not only colour and taste, but also fragrance. The drunken fairy duck evaporates the roast duck's fragrance in a professional charcoal oven. In order to let customers eat authentic and better drunken fairy duck, the brand of drunken fairy duck has set up a product development department, joint catering research institutes, and extended the continuous progress of the product formulation by renowned culinary masters of major cuisine departments. According to the different tastes of citizens all over the country, it has formulated a formula suitable for the taste of the population. Many friends come to consult how much the fee of joining drunken fairy duck is. After consulting, through detailed profit analysis and calculation, it is certain that the joint venture of drunk fairy duck is an overvalued investment.
China's cooked food is complex in variety and different in flavor. There are famous delicacies all over the country. It is not a short dish in local people's life. Cooked food can survive and develop in many Chinese cuisine systems up to now, and has formed different portals, which shows that it has a relatively high position in the eyes of customers, entrepreneurs have a lot of room to open a cooked food franchise.
With the improvement of people's living standards, it is a trend for urban residents to take outdoor meals as a leisure enjoyment and improve their taste by eating cooked food. From January to March 2014, the total fixed assets investment of catering industry in China was 63.351 billion yuan, an increase of 27.8% compared with the same period last year, an increase of 6.85 percentage points, which was higher than the increase of 6.85 percentage points in the same period, accounting for 1.32% of the total investment of towns and townships in the whole country in January-March, and the proportion increased slightly by 0.07 percentage points compared with the previous year. 。 Cooked food contributes 30% of the market share. All these provide valuable opportunities for cooked food development.



Drunken Fairy Duck Joining Advantage
1. Store-opening planning: Drunken Fairy Duck Brand provides the management manual of Drunken Fairy Duck Brand free of charge; business guidance and tour supervision support, including acceptance of opening, planning opening ceremony, irregular inspection and supervision after opening.
2. Brand planning: Provide drunk fairy duck brand logo free of charge, including drunk fairy duck VI manual, drunk fairy duck brand, drunk fairy duck LOGO planning, etc.
3. Promotion and promotion: Provide drunken fairy duck civilization propaganda products free of charge, including drunken fairy duck propaganda books, propaganda photos, DVD propaganda films and so on.
4. Advantages of technical assistance: Including dispatching management and technical personnel for 10 days of unpaid assistance and on-site training.
5. Construction Counseling: Including free provision of planning and decoration elements, approval of layout plans, approval of planning effect maps, etc.
6. Consistent training: Including 10 technicians from chefs, restaurant managers, roast ducks and other centers for a two-week training period, providing training places for trainers, etc.
7. Uniform distribution: including special raw materials for drunken fairy duck and special tableware for Quanjude. Promotion support, including regular promotion of the "Quanjude" brand in the relevant media.
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