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Many friends of drunk fairy duck joining contract households have many worries and confusions about the phenomenon that they can't kill the ducks when they come out, that the number of ducks is not right, and that the weight of ducks is not the same, and that is even a misunderstanding and misunderstanding. What are the reasons for these? Next, let's look at the analysis of drunken fairy duck joining us.
1. There is no empty food for the ducks when they come out.
大多食品厂都是杀胴体,假如不空食或空食不到位,到了食品厂未消化的饲料随着内脏被掏出了,这一局部饲料包含内脏是不被计算到胴体里的,也就是说是不算钱的,饲料是白白的糜费的掉了。 食品厂在掏内脏时空食不好的毛鸭,食管内的饲料会污染毛鸭胴体的和产品的,污染的产品很难净化处置,食品厂会依据污染状况投诉养殖户,以至会被罚款。所以我们养殖户为了防止饲料糜费,一定要按规则时间控食。
Most food factories kill carcass, if not empty food or empty food is not in place, the undigested feed to the food factory is taken out along with the viscera, this part of the feed containing viscera is not calculated into the carcass, that is to say, it is not cost-effective, the feed is white waste. Food factories in digging out viscera of malnourished ducks, esophageal feed will pollute the carcass and products of malnourished ducks, contaminated products are difficult to purify and dispose of, food factories will complain about the pollution status of farmers, and even will be fined. Therefore, in order to prevent feed wastage, we must control food according to the rules and time.
2. Living uncleanness

Living uncleanness refers to duck dung, soil, water and other infections on the surface of ducks. Needless to say, duck dung and soil are rarely reared online. The water problem needs to be analyzed: when the duck house is tightly sealed, the duck body and feathers will be absorbed in high humidity or rainy days, foggy days or after drawing water, and water or droplets will adhere to the duck body and feathers, which many farmers do not care, thinking that there is little weight, but it is not obvious that every living duck attaches 10 grams, 10,000 ducks are more than 200 kg, which is also killing ducks on sunny days. The reason for the small number of ordinary folding scales is that they are contaminated with dung.


3. Unhealthy ducks when they come out
Ducks are not healthy, especially those with intractable serositis or other enteritis, which cannot be killed at the time of slaughter. The reason is that the duck body is thin and the carcass is lighter. Although there is less feed in the intestine, the heart, liver, intestine and other viscera are mostly in the state of edema and metamorphosis. Carcass weight becomes smaller, visceral weight becomes bigger, which will seriously form the phenomenon of inactivation. Especially in the consumer workshop, there are complaints about duck liver lesions, which are very likely to be inaccessible. At the same time, by-product value will be reduced or can not be made into products, food factories will also suffer losses.
4. The size of the feather duck is uneven and the grade is poor.
Poor body weight reduces the overall output. At the same time, due to uneven size, the food factories that do not fit the duck's body weight (usually less than 4 kg, mainly depending on the agreement in the contract) have to convert half or less to calculate the carcass (greatly influenced by product structure and price), which also affects the overall killing effect of the duck.
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