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  Steamed duck to teach you how to choose the right store. The number of steamed duck sales has a lot to do with the choice of store address. A good store address can bring good sales. Today, let's talk about how to choose a good store address.

  1. 你所调查的街道必须有大量的人流,特别是上午10 - 13人,下午4 - 7人,所以你需要花一些时间来调查这两个时间段的人流。早市和夜市的交通不太好,因为现在不是卖蒸鸭的时间。

  1. There must be a large number of people in the street you are investigating, especially 10-13 in the morning and 4-7 in the afternoon, so you need to spend some time investigating the people in these two periods. The traffic between the morning market and the night market is not very good, because it's not the time to sell steamed duck.

  2. 检查街道不宽,宽,干净的道路不适合卖蒸香鸭,和过往行人必须优先考虑为了骑自行车或走路,开车的人群是互补的,如果更多的车辆比人们骑自行车在街上,街上不适合,最好是拥挤的,糟糕的汽车在街道上。

  2. Check that the street is not wide, wide and clean, which is not suitable for selling steamed duck. Priority must be given to the people who drive for cycling or walking. If more vehicles are on the street than people riding bicycles, the street is not suitable, it is better to be crowded and the bad cars are on the street.



  3. The inspection location must be in the main street of food, with the sales of products and the main sales of living food, such as: selling marinated meat, raw meat, flat bags, steamed bread, noodles, all kinds of small cold dishes and pickles, all kinds of cooked food, chicken roast duck restaurant, coffee shop, street food and all other small restaurants and food related streets.

  4. 检查流量来源,主要是在居民区附近的人,和其他外国交通为辅,主要组织社区街附近的居民购物、烹饪在周围的小餐厅和路边摊喝吃晚饭,住路人,和其他亲戚和朋友(看到人们人群等)的一些消费群体。

  4. Check the flow source, mainly for the people near the residential area, supplemented by other foreign traffic, mainly organize the residents near the community street to shop, cook in the surrounding small restaurants and roadside stalls for dinner, residents, and some consumer groups of other relatives and friends (see people, etc.).

  5. 在寻找正确的街道时,一定要选择最佳的地点。往往在同一条街上,有些地段的人流非常密集,而有些地段的人流非常有限。建议最好靠近人流密集的路口。如果它在街道中间的某个地方,来往的人最多的是来自两个水平方向的人。如果交叉口的客户数量来自东南和西北,这将对增加销售非常有帮助。

  5. When looking for the right street, be sure to choose the best place. Often in the same street, some sections of the flow of people is very dense, and some sections of the flow of people is very limited. It is recommended to be close to the intersection with dense traffic. If it's somewhere in the middle of the street, the most people who come and go are people from two levels. If the number of customers at the intersection comes from the southeast and northwest, it will be very helpful to increase sales.

  6. 租房子不需要很大。面积越大,租金越贵。如果你看到的位置很好,但是,房子面积只有几平方米,请不要放弃缺乏的区域,你可以租一个便宜的小屋附近的煮鸭腌制,然后每天鸭子卤水直接到商店,把冰箱里保持新鲜的备件销售。

  6. It doesn't need a lot to rent. The larger the area, the more expensive the rent. If you see a good location, but the house area is only a few square meters, please do not give up the lack of area, you can rent a cheap cottage near the boiled duck salting, and then every day duck brine directly to the store, the refrigerator to keep fresh spare parts for sale.


  Due to the different situations in different parts of the country, there are no snack streets in some areas. For example, the above situation can only be satisfied in the food market. In this case, you can choose a large flow of people, not far from the food market. The only way to go to the food market is to choose a store. It is not recommended to rent a stall in the market or to establish a shed based market for sale. It's really impossible to choose whether the surrounding area is the center of the community or near the gate of the supermarket. The specific special situation depends on the overall situation of the community.

  8. 人流越密集,商铺的位置越好,往往租金也越贵,而且房子的位置也不容易找到,在全国很多地方都有转让费,只有在一些县可能不会有转让费。因此,最好的地方打开蒸香鸭还是建立一个商店在县,这不仅没有像大城市那么贵,但也基本上在居民区的形式,位置也非常大的人。此外,该县有许多农村移民,这是非常适合销售的产品(味道鲜美,价格不贵)。

  8. The denser the flow of people, the better the location of shops, the more expensive the rent, and the location of houses is not easy to find. There are transfer fees in many parts of the country, only in some counties may not have transfer fees. Therefore, the best place to open steamed duck is to build a store in the county, which is not only not as expensive as the big city, but also basically in the form of residential areas, and the location is also very large. In addition, there are many rural immigrants in the county, which is a very suitable product for sale (delicious taste and low price).

  9. 有些朋友找了一家不错的店,位置也很好,但只是拉不动车,或者是意识到车的成本太高,所以不得不放弃这么好的店,这样的情况也比较常见。如果你也遇到这样的情况,建议你不要轻易放弃,因为一个好的位置同时用的掀背力太少,既然有条件就不要想办法创造条件。炒鸭炉炉气体模型可以取代的3箱电气基本上,虽有加热控制不稳定的缺陷,但只要掌握其性能规则略完全可以处理,这也是在没有的情况下3盒电动最好的方法。

  9. Some friends find a good store with a good location, but they just can't pull the train, or they realize that the cost of the car is too high, so they have to give up such a good store, which is quite common. If you also encounter such a situation, it is recommended that you do not give up easily, because a good position uses too little hatchback force at the same time, since there are conditions, do not try to create conditions. The gas model of the frying duck stove can replace the three boxes of electricity basically. Although there is the defect of unstable heating control, as long as the performance rules are mastered, it can be completely handled. This is also the best way for the three boxes of electricity in the absence of it.


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