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Each Zuixian duck franchisee will ask us how to choose the location of the store. We are based on many years of business experience. Here are some site selection skills:
1: Scale and appearance
The internal pattern of the store is reasonable and appropriate, and there must be enough space. Other surrounding facilities are necessary. Polygonal or triangular ground is not desirable unless it is large. At the same time, many factors, including store size and appearance, affect the consumption of stores in the future. Therefore, the store generally does not need to be large, mainly fast food, which can be packed and taken away directly. As long as there is a place for storing things and production and processing, there is no seat for eating.
2: Cost
The cost of stores is an unavoidable topic. The level of rent is related to whether you can make enough profits to maintain your business. Especially in the first and second tier cities, the rent problem has become an obstacle for many franchisees. If you can find a rental store with a more appropriate price, the profit is just around the corner. The third and fourth tier cities are in a disadvantageous position compared with the first and second tier cities, so the site selection has to watch the "excitement". The greater the prosperity of the business district, the greater the chance of making money. Of course, it will compete with its peers. Competition can be both a threat and a potential advantage. A good analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors will help us take the initiative in the competition.
3: Look at the regional planning of the municipal government
When selecting the site, consult the relevant departments about the architectural planning around the store location, and understand the commercial area, cultural area, tourist area, transportation center, residential area, industrial area, etc. After mastering the architectural planning, we can determine different business forms and business specifications according to these.
IV: follow the market demand
When it comes to market demand, whether in rural areas or in developed urban areas, we must understand the basic needs of the market. If there is a very large market demand around and there are many profits in addition to the cost, it is conducive to choosing a good store address to open a store.
5: Unique visibility and image features
Conspicuous, only customers can see our store from that angle. You need to take the passing vehicles and pedestrians around as the perspective reference object. The more attractive the door is, the more you can attract customers, so that customers can see your store at a glance among tens of millions of people. For example, red bottom and yellow logo. Beautiful and conspicuous image features are also one of the reference indicators to improve the attractiveness of stores.
6: Consumption
With the improvement of consumption level, people are willing to spend money on clothing, food, housing and transportation to get a better sensory experience. In particular, some price friendly snacks are more easily accepted by the public and everyone can afford them.
7: Traffic conditions
Traffic conditions are calculated at noon, weekend nights and Sundays. The statistical data should remove those obviously biased results. The statistics of multiple consecutive samples can tell the truth. The traffic condition around the store means the source of customers. Only when there is sufficient traffic can we ensure sufficient source of customers.

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